Located in Park Slope, Pacific Tavern is a purveyor of fine American dining from the esteemed Chef Billy Lang.

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Slash Coleman and Jeremy Fischer met as teenagers in high school in Chesterfield County, Virginia where much of Coleman’s award-winning book The Bohemian Love Diaries takes place. Although both writers took different paths, Coleman traveled the world as a musician and artist while Fischer became a filmmaker in New York City, they reconnected in Richmond, Virginia in 2009 during Coleman's Neon Man and Me solo-performance tour.

Slash Coleman is an American storyteller, producer, and writer based in Richmond, Virginia. The author of "The Bohemian Love Diaries," he is best known for his PBS Special The Neon Man and Me. His one-man performances, which combine clever wordplay, music, and poetic observations about family, spirituality, romance, and the struggle to find a sense of home common with Generation-X artists, have been featured in American Theatre Magazine, Backstage Magazine, The Washington Post, and NPR. His work is often compared to that of author David Sedaris.

Jeremy Fischer (writing as Leon Phoenix) is a Canadian-born American writer with more than a decade of film experience. Raised in a single-parent family of all women (his mother, grandmother, four sisters, a female cousin, two female cats, and a female dog) he began writing books and scripts at an early age. After studying film at NYU, Jeremy worked as a screenwriter on numerous projects, including The Jedi Gita (2009), Journeys on the Astral Plane (2010), Killing Jane (2011), Out of My Mind (2012), Parallels (2012), Silence of the Shenandoah (2013), The Bed (2013), Jaideep’s Long Walk (2014), The Gift (2015), The Nudgers (2016), Abbadon (2016), and many others. Jeremy has a black-belt in karate-do (although he can no longer do a spinning roundhouse kick), he has practiced Transcendental Meditation since he was a teenager, and he’s an avid juicer and mostly vegetarian (although if someone offered him a ham sandwich, he’ll probably eat it). He is currently based in Richmond, Virginia with his wife and two young sons.




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